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Album is the sun-soaked, whimsical debut offering from Californian duo Christopher Owens and Chet “JR” White, aka, Girls. It flits between chirpy and downtrodden melancholy, resulting in a relaxed psychedelic record bristling with summertime angst. It is effortless San-Francisco folk-pop that whistles along breezily and chirpily.

The undoubted highlights are album opener ‘Lust for Life’, a poppy, blissful ode to teenage insecurity, and “Hellhole Ratrace”, a lengthy, sober plea for better times. Whilst the remaining songs never quite scale the heights of these heartbroken peaks, the album skips along nice and prettily, and Owens’ broken lyrics and Elvis Costello-like delivery sit happily above Beach Boys-esque harmonies.

Rumour has it that Owens, as a child, was once a member of the Children of God cult, where allegations of child abuse have since been whispered. Owens ran away from the group when he was sixteen, explaining, perhaps, his vulnerable and yearning demeanour. It is the influence of the Golden State, however, that looms largest over Album. It’s hippy, laid-back vibe could only be conjured from a surrounding so idyllic. As such, it is the perfect Summer drenched record.