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Friendly Fires, Hockey and Boy Crisis – Kentish Town Forum

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Friendly Fires 

Glitter rained down upon Friendly Fires and into a sea of swooning, bedazzled fans as ‘Paris’ brought to a close a remarkable show, a three-pronged attack by a clutch of excellent new bands.

Such now is the allure of the St Albans four-piece that the sizeable Kentish Town Forum was crammed full of hip-swingers, eager to absorb the bullets expertly shot by Friendly Fires. “They’ll be out for us,” bellowed energetic frontman Ed Macfarlane, and out in our droves, we certainly were. Whilst an insurmountable queue for the bar was a no-go, a bustle into the centre of the jostling stage-front was a must. Personal favourites ‘White Diamonds’ and ‘On Board’ pumped and thronged, whilst massive singles ‘Jump in the Pool’ and ‘Skeleton Boy’ shuddered and reverberated across the baying crowd like rolling thunder. Faultless.

Headband-ed hipsters Hockey topped the undercard. On this performance, however, it cannot be long before these frantic fellows are headlining their own glitzy gigs. ‘Learn to Lose’ is a sprinkly, funky Rapture/Razorlight romp, and ‘Too Fake’ is their first sauntering, snarling single. Hopefully it’ll be the first of many. Expect big things from these pretty Portland punks.

Crisis? What crisis? There’s certainly not one as far as the laid-back boys of Boy Crisis are concerned. Their lackadaisical appearance is matched by their sleazy, sexy beats, shone no brighter than on awesome track ‘L’homme’. Atmospheric synths coy and giggle throughout. “You can do me like Bruce Springsteen” titillates one line in ‘Dressed to Digress’. Aces.

Three magical bands for £15? Climb on, climb on board!


Enjoy the Silence – Revolver vs Up the Racket, The Deaf Institute, Manchester

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silent-disco1Tottering up the steps of Manchester’s Deaf Institute, I wondered whether the experience of a Saturday night silent disco would force my skinny legs skating around the dance floor, or sullenly shuffling back out of the joint. For the third collaboration between mighty Manchester nightlife stalwarts Revolver and Up the Racket, sees them testing the water of a medium usually reserved for muddy midnight festival nutters, or half-full, internet-concocted train station rendezvous.

The proposal for a 60’s pop/northern soul and catchy, contemporary indie silent disco, therefore, is a brave one.

Lucky, then, that the proposal was championed, for the night was truly amazing.

Beneath the spin of the dangling disco ball, bequiffed teddy boys fluttered about the room, unfazed as the headphones flattened their tops, rubbing shoulders with smouldering, cheerily cheek-boned ladies, spinning and bouncing upon tiny plimsolls, to the music beating inside and against their jubilant ear drums.

And it was the music, moreover, that ensured this fantastic dizziness of the dance floor. Friendly Fires fired into one chap’s head whilst The Supremes swooned into somebody else’s. The result was a pulsating dance floor, jigging wildly to uplifting, rhythmic dance delights.

And that’s not to mention the fun to be had by removing your headphones and listening to the warble and tangle of tuneless voices, or witnessing the silly jives and taps of silent dancing!

The more the Racket Upped, the more the room excitedly Revolved.

Looking forward to the next one? Yeah Yeah Yeah!